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Uppsala quintet Cat Princess formed at a New Year's party and debuted only days after playing at guitarist Robin's birthday party. Singer Nils joined the gang after the band heard him sing that same night. Just as spontaneous as the band's birth are their music.

2019 debut album Forbidden Items show every side and aspect of the always renewing Cat Princess. It’s an eclectic art rock mix equally put together by the bands' influences spanning from 80s new wave to contemporary greats.

Cat Princess' sound have been crafted since their 2016 debut EP Please Me which received positive reviews from Swedish magazines, stating that their explosive combination of modern indie pop and 80's art-pop channeled the spirit of David Bowie and Talking Heads. The quintet has since the EP shared stage with acts such as OMD, Pale Honey, Magic Potion and Cloud Nothings as well as playing frequently on the Swedish indie scene and international appearances in Copenhagen and London.

Fly on Your Wall and b-side Marxist with a Twist were released in 2017 and are two fine representations of the band's live intensity and uniquely flavoured indie pop which have been compared to the energetic early days of Franz Ferdinand.


Please Me (EP, 2016)
Forbidden Items (LP, 2019)